Whether or not you're new to scrapbooking or or well-versed in the craft, every keen scrapbooking enthusiast welcomes new ideas, tips and techniques so I'm going to share some of mine with you.

Attaching Ribbon To Your Scrapbook

Ribbons are a stunning way to decorate a scrapbook page. It gives the page a 3 dimensional look and there are thousands of colors, styles and sizes of ribbon thus you are positive to find something to suit the project you're working on. There are a number of ways in which to use ribbon along with your scrapbook ideas together with ribbon glue which is particularly created to adhere ribbon to paper. You may also use eyelets or brads -- these come in a huge variety of shapes and colors. Attaching ribbon using staples is additionally a visually spectacular means of embellishing your scrapbook ideas. You'll be able to use peel off pens or permanent markers to change the color of the staples serving to coordinate them together with your scrapbook pages.

Using Chipboard For Your Scrapbook

Chipboard is a lot like cardboard however generally it is slightly thicker than cardstock however thinner than cardboard. If you're using chipboard for your scrapbook concepts always check the packaging or use an acid test pen to ensure it is acid free as very often it is not. The foremost common method to use chipboard with any of your scrapbook ideas is to cover it with paper. Cut the chipboard to the scale and form you require then trace the chipboard to the backside of your chosen paper. Simply cut the paper out and adhere to the chipboard. As a result of the edges can still be showing you'll be able to use ink, paint or pens to paint the edges.

Using Flat or Wrinkled Paper for Your Scrapbook Concepts

If your scrapbook page layout wishes to depict a previous era then distressing a bit of paper to use as a background may be a very effective means to administer an aged look. To distress or 'age' a chunk of scrapbook paper begin by crumpling it up then flattening it out. Brush an ink pad over the raised surface to present a distressed look. You can purchase special distress ink that will work very well but usually any ink can do but some could simply want longer to dry. If you wish to flatten a chunk of paper to use for your scrapbook concepts the best method is to use an iron on an occasional setting with no steam. I might recommend you also place a chunk of scrapbook paper on top for additional protection.

Tips For Framing Photos

Most individuals matte and layer photos before adding them to a scrapbook page. Matt and layering is largely a method where you build up layers of paper sticking one on top of the other to create a frame. There are a number of alternative ways to border a photograph together with using ribbon, photo corners, photo turns, giant brackets and prepared made metal frames.

How To Carefully Attach Photos To Your Scrapbook

If you're making a scrapbook page layout and using an original photo that you are do not wish to cut, stick or damage in anyway there are some easy techniques to add the picture to your scrapbook page while not causing any damage. The best way is to use photo corners but if you would like a very effective way attempt making an envelope and inserting the image inside. Keep the envelope open so the photo will be seen, you'll be able to embellish the envelope to match your scrapbook page.