When you start to craft something it is because you see something in your mind and you want to make it come to life. We all have our various methods to achieve the final product we want and it can be a struggle for sure, but we love what we do and that is why we do it. In some cases we can't afford the sometimes criminally overpriced items from the art supply store, and in those cases just get creative with what you have on hand! Here are some ideas for materials for you to use in your next project!:


This stuff is everywhere and can be found in various forms that range from cans to foil. This metal is very durable, flexible, and can be bound together with some super glue. You can make a lot of cool items out of aluminum and it is rather interesting how people respond to the gifts you make for them. The patterns on these cans can make for some creations!


Another plentiful resource and these are fun because you can make some awesome creations for kids or even the local swap meet. You'll find that tin is a bit more sturdy than aluminum, so you will probably need to get some tin snips in order to cut these bad boys down, but they can be made into some interesting structures.


A classic building material. Since childhood many of us have used these simple little devices to construct some of the most incredible things ever made with human hands. It's a humble material, but it is infinite in it's uses, the only thing holding it back is your imagination.

Simply said, no matter the project or the materials involved, the only thing that cannot be lacking is the joy of making something home-made and the using your imagination for these creations.