Did you purchase a Glitter Kiss Duo and now don't how to use it? Well I'm in the same boat, well I was. Today I will tell you one way to use this great product, and the effects are magnificent.

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The trick to using these glitter kiss duo is not to blend it. When you apply the glitter keep the blue on the blue side and the sand color on the sand color side and try not to go over the same spot over and over again. You'll want to apply a fair amount to make sure you don't have to go over the same spot. Also using a colored background that matches the glitter is a good idea so that any spots you missed a color will show thru and not just white paper.

Another tip is to make your paper ahead of time and allow it to completely dry so that there is no sticking to the die or the plates when you run it thru your cutting machine. I allow mine to dry overnight to ensure this.

The folding technique is simple. You can do this to any size card you like. Simply fold the front of the card in half to make the fold. This folding technique is refereed to as z fold card. The z fold card on the inside is made by scoring the card in thirds.


1. Cut your paper to 10 inches long 5 inches high

2. Score in the center at 5 inches

3. Fold the front of the card forward in half.

4.  Cut a piece of paper 7.5 inches x 4.5 inches and score at 2.5 inches and 5 inches and fold accordingly.

5. Mist both cards with Glimmer Mist

6. Align the edger die (CED4420) to the edge of the card and run thru the machine on both ends of the large folded card base.

7. Cut out the sentiment rectangle and stamp your sentiment

8. Apply the Glitter Kiss Duo to your paper and allow to dry before cutting out the background of the butterfly. (IME 270) Use the center of the butterfly from IME270 to cut out the body.

9. Cut out the top layer of the butterfly using IME 232, and adhere it to the background butterfly piece using sticky specks. Adhere the body part as well at this stage.

10. Attach the embossed part to the main card, the sentiment to the inside and the butterflies to the outer flap of the card.

I hope you like this project and give these glitter kiss duo's a try.

Until next project...


Products I used for this card:

·         Butterfly – IME270 & IME232

·         Sentiment Tag – CED5521

·         Edger Die – CED4420

·         Embossing Folder – EF082

·         Glitter Kiss Duo – Peacock Feathers – CSGKDPEACOCK

·         Glimmer Mist Pearl – 21012

·         Sentiment – SYC012

·         Distress Oxide Ink Iced Spruce - TDO56034

·         Sticky Specks – ECSSA4