Incire is a technique of following a template to cut out squares, ovals, triangles, rectangles and various other shapes on double sided paper. These are then folded up or down to create a very unique look and border for cards. Incire, derived from the word "incision", makes for a fun hobby and the forms the creations take can be great gifts! Only simple items and materials are needed: pens or pencils, watercolors, double-sided or color paper, scissors. The method is rather simple, one needs only to make incisions in the duo-colored paper and fold it over to give a two-colored effect behind the openings using the Incire templates and punches.

Like its more complex cousin Origami, kids and moms will enjoy the creativity involved in Incire paper cutting. Craft lovers will love the intricate way they can be constructed into more complex mixed media. Perhaps you would like to host an Incire paper cutting party for the kids? Another possibility would be to have some arsty friends over for wine and Incire design fun. At Ecstasy Crafts, we have punches and templates that resemble squares, ovals, Christmas ornaments, windows, circles, curves and so much more. We even have starter kits to get things going for the younger ones!

Combine with other media, pictures, 3d images, embroidery, stamps --Your imagination is the limit! At Ecstasy Crafts, we have all your Incire needs for creating wonderful cards and other products. While you are here, browse and shop our fine line of arts and craft items. If you have any questions or inquiries contact us or call Toll Free: 1-888-288-7131 and we will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase.

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