Colourful Multiframe Cards

Today I'll be sharing how to make the most of your basic multi frame dies and how use them in a new way you might not have thought of.

Colourful Multiframe Cards

Welcome back and thanks for reading this blog post. Today I'll be sharing how to make the most of your basic multiframe dies and how use them in a new way you might not have thought of. For this months deal we're creating bundles with all the rainbow colour paper, your card base and sticky specks so that you can assemble these cards in no time at all.

Bundle 65

So lets get started...

The first step is to connect your die set from the back. Here I will use stencil tape to hold everything together. I start by sticking down the middle die and building up from there.

By doing this you will ensure that all the colours will cut out the same so that when you go to assemble the rainbow of colours they will all match up, you'll see this demonstrated in the video.

Then I will cut out the shapes in all the rainbow colours in the bundle, being careful not to lose any of the die cuts. I used my blending mat to keep everything together, it makes it much easier to move the die cuts around if I need to. We will need them to assemble all the cards. I also cut out a white background using the largest of the die cuts in the multi frame die set.

Here comes the fun part. You can arrange the colours any way you like. I decided to make rainbow cards since it's spring and I just love the cheery colours of rainbows.

To make my life easier I love to use sticky specks to assemble these cards and as a matter face I use sticky specks for most of my crafting now. No mess to clean up and no drying time so this means I can mail them out right away if I want to.

Using the sticky specks I'll place each layer, one at a time, onto the sticky specks sheet close the clear sheet over it, rub gently and then remove the layer and attach to the solid white background I cut out with the largest of the dies form the multi frame die set. I will repeat this step until I have all the layers attached to my background.

Place your die cut onto the sticky specks sheet
Close the clear film over your die cut, rub gently 
Peel the die cut from the sticky speck sheet

Once all the layers are attached, I'll prepare my card base. Using the Joy! Crafts paper that comes in the bundle and the Joy! Crafts Envelope Maker with Punch, I will score my white paper at 4 1/8" to have a fold down the center of the paper. Using a piece of the coloured paper in the bundle I will cut a piece at 3 7/8 " x 5 5/8". I will also use the corner punch to round the right hand corners the base and the coloured paper on some of the cards. Now attach to the card base you made with the white card stock paper.

At this point you can decide what sentiment you would like to put on your card and attach to the front of the card. Attach your multiframe die rainbow piece, either with tape or 3D form tape, to the front of the card and embellish as you wish.

Since you cut out the multifram die in so many colours, remember you can make several cards using all the cut outs. The possibilities are endless in the arrangement of colours that you can make. Have fun with it and enjoy. I really hope you enjoyed these cards and give it a try yourself.

Until next project


Products used:

Ecstasy Crafts Sticky Specks Micro Adhesive A5 Sheets -ECSSA5

Nellie's Choice Multi Frame Die  Square - MFD033

Nellie's Choice Multi Frame Die  Dots Hexigon - MFD026

Nellie's Choice Multi Frame Die  Dots Circle - MFD025

Joy! Crafts Envelope Maker with Punch - 62000053

Stencil Tape - 65000110

Creative Expressions Boarderline Sentiment Collection

Blending Mat - 62000241

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