I'm sure many of us fall into the DIY Christmas gift category. There was a cute meme last year that I posted on Facebook because it was so very DIY Crafter specific.


That is just so "us" isn't it??!!

Well that doesn't stop me ... it's DIY again this year.

But in all honesty, my sisters do really appreciate my hand crafted stuff. I make hand lotions, lip balm, etc.

This year I added a 5-pack of little thank you cards. And I thought I'd share my little creations here.


I can also pretty much guarantee each of us has had a recipient throw out a card we've lovingly made. So with that heartbreak in mind grin I made these cards with very little product or effort, assuming when my sister's send these out, the recipient will toss them in the bin.

But I am super pleased at how they came out. Just using the pre-packaged Romak 5" x 5" cards that come with matching envelopes, I stenciled, stamped and painted these little Thank You cards for my sisters.

I was originally going to do an assortment of sentiments but once I got started I was rolling on the Thank You theme I just figured I'd stick with it ... and truth be told it was because it required less thought. But who doesn't love receiving a Thank You card?! So I'll even include postage stamps so it's super-easy to just pop into the post.


This really couldn't have been an easier project. A lovely variety of styles and each having their own "Thank You" stamp, gives it a nice range depending on who the intended recipient will be.

I trust my sisters will be happy with this inclusion in their Christmas package. We get together this Sunday so just got this done in time.

Until next time, happy crafting.

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